Beautiful Large Area Rugs for Your Home

To define a space or bring a room’s decor together, large area rugs are a must-have on your decorating to-do list. They instantly bring style and color to a room, and they can also provide just the right complement to the rest of your furniture and art to tie everything together.

Large area rugs are commonly seen in living rooms and dens, especially between couches. In the dining room, a large area rug can be placed under the table and chairs to bring additional warmth and style to your space. Bedrooms are another popular spot for large area rugs and can be placed partially underneath the bed or in the walking area of the room.

Not sure what kinds of large area rugs are out there? Here are just a few of the many rugs we have in stock to serve the Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona areas (and beyond!).

The rug below is one of our oversized rugs that would be ideal for a large space, since it is nearly 18×12 feet!


Many colors and tribal design elements are worked into this Indian rug to create an eye-catching and appealing design. This rug uses a somewhat traditional design with the border and central focal point though it uses tribal imagery.

Traditional rugs also come in large sizes, like this approximately 15×12 foot large area rug:


This traditional Indian rug incorporates bold colors in its design for a really outstanding look. This will be right at home in your bedroom or den! Large area rugs can also be ideal for other big spaces like waiting rooms or libraries, and traditional designs usually go well with those spaces.

Another traditional Indian design takes a different approach:


This 8×10 area rug uses more neutral tones that make it a perfect complement to your current decor. If your living room incorporates primarily neutral tones or solid colors, this design would liven up the space while complementing what you already have.


The lighter tones of this 8×10 Indian area rug make this a design that can blend in with other colors and themes in your home.

While this next rug uses only a handful of browns and creams in its design, it is still rather striking:


This oversized rug is approximately 18×12 feet. It’s tribal design uses primitive imagery and yet creates a sophisticated look.

Of course, not all large area rugs are rectangle. This next one uses a traditional design in an oval shape:


Oval rugs might be a great fit for your den or living room. Some large entryways can also make good use of this design, and it certainly makes an excellent first impression to guests!

There are so many designs and styles just from a single country of origin that you are sure to find one you love! And if not, you can always create custom rugs based on your own designs or even on other designs you have seen, whether its in our store or at your best friend’s house.

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