Why Oriental Rugs Will Always Be in Style

When we say the phrase “oriental rugs,” you probably have a pretty specific image in your mind of what we’re talking about, and that is proof of just how prolific they are around the world (not to mention Scottsdale). While the styles of luxury rugs do fluctuate over time, designers of traditional area rugs don’t try to mess much with perfection.

What do we mean by oriental rugs? It’s a fairly broad category of fine, handmade rugs that come from Asia. We usually narrow down the origin when we’re talking about specific rug styles, such as Persian or Tibetan rugs, but they are all considered oriental as well.

Occasionally, you’ll see in the news that an oriental or Persian rug has just sold for several million dollars. How is it that luxury rugs can end up being worth so much? Age and condition play a large role, as do craftsmanship and materials. But one of the main reasons is that oriental rugs never really go out of style. A recent article quoted the arts and antiques editor of Traditional Home as saying that an antique carpet can look good with any decor and it’s hard to disagree.

It makes you think twice about the large area rugs you may have inherited from your grandmother that is just sitting in storage right now. While it probably isn’t worth millions, it is a piece of functional art that can adorn your home. If there are stains or damage present, you may be able to have them removed. We offer both cleaning and repair services, and we’ll give you an estimate based on the current condition of the rug.

Oriental rugs are ideal for common rooms of your home, like living rooms, computer rooms or dining rooms. Interior designers have told us that starting out with a beautiful rug before you buy the rest of your decor can help you build a unified and long-lasting style in your home. But as the Traditional Home editor said, traditional oriental rugs can look great in practically any space, whether it’s in Scottsdale or NYC.

The motifs in oriental rugs are really timeless and don’t speak to a particular decade like mauve carpets do for the 70’s. Often made with warm colors and detailed work, you really are walking on art when you have a handmade rug under your feet. And much like other art, you need to feel a connection to a piece for it to really brighten up your home. That’s why we have thousands of large and small area rugs to choose from in our Scottsdale rug store — we want to help you find the perfect rug for your life.

If you want a taste of what rugs are available, you can view our online gallery. Only a fraction of our fine rugs are available to view online. Come in to the rug store to view the whole selection. If you aren’t local, call us and we can help you find the perfect match.

By Allison Edrington.

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