Special Order For Faster, Simpler Custom Rugs

For those looking for specific rug colors but don’t want to bother with a complex custom design, special order rugs provide a convenient way for you to get the colors you want. We offer special order rugs in contemporary and transitional designs that you can’t find in our rug store, and you can customize the colors to your liking.

This is how special order rug orders work:

  1. Browse through the special order rug templates we offer. You can see our special order selection online, or you can come into our rug store in Scottsdale and view 2×3-foot samples of each design. Many of the templates can be put onto small or large area rugs, round rugs or runners.
  2. Once you’ve selected which template design you like, pick out the colors you want. Use our custom 600 color palette to find the perfect combination of hues. Most of the custom rug templates have four colors or less. If you like the default colors, that’s great, too! We will place the order immediately, and it will likely be in stock so you’ll receive your rug quickly.
  3. If you chose custom colors for the template design, we will place your order and then notify you when it is completed. Since the design is based on a template, the weavers are able to hand make these rugs faster than traditional custom rugs or even completely custom contemporary designs.

Creating a custom rug based on a template makes it easy for you — you don’t have to choose a dozen colors just to create the look you need or settle for an existing rug in the wrong colors. It’s also helpful for many to see the sample rugs in person before they order a custom rug, which makes it simpler for busy people who don’t have time to tweak a custom design.

Although many of the special order rugs only have a few colors weaved in, that doesn’t mean they are boring! They are well-crafted with high quality materials, and many incorporate beautiful carving and silk accents. Here are a few template samples we have in store for you to peruse:

Of course, if you’re considering a more complex custom design, we can also help you design that rug as well. The turnaround time for completely custom rugs will be longer than one of the template special order rugs, but you can get exactly the design and coloring you want. Special order rugs based on a template are excellent for people looking for custom rugs in specific colors and for those who need fast production time.

If you’re not sure what would be the best option for your home, view the special order templates in person or online. Contemporary and transitional rugs with custom colors can be at your door sooner than you think!

What design possibilities do custom colors open up for your interior decorating? If you have any questions about our special order rugs, please stop by Alyshaan Fine Rugs in Scottsdale or call 480-607-4955.

By Allison Edrington.

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