Traditional Large Area Rugs Can Still Be Colorful

“Traditional” doesn’t necessarily mean “same old, same old” or “boring” — some of the most exquisite area rugs we have in stock are crafted in the traditional style and they certainly aren’t dull! You might think there are only a handful of colors available in traditional designs, but you would be pleasantly surprised to see the variety of shades incorporated into these rugs.

Let us take you on a tip-of-the-iceberg tour of colors you can see in both small and large area rugs in the traditional style. There are many more designs and colors available to peruse, so check out our world of rugs in the online gallery or come visit our rug store in the Phoenix area for the full selection.
traditional area rug

From Sameer Collection, this traditional large area rug from Pakistan features bright reds, creams and black. While these are colors you might expect to see in a traditional rug, the combination and placement of them make the design really pop. The elegant style can add that perfect touch to a living space, especially if the decor seems disconnected now.

The next traditional rug comes to us from Pakistan as well, but incorporates a different palette of colors:

Instead of focusing on the most traditional color (red), this large area rug heavily features a light blue. If you are looking for a lighter addition to your home but still want the luxury feel of a traditional design, a rug featuring lighter shades like this one is ideal. Great for a breakfast nook, bedroom or living room, especially if there is plenty of natural light available!

Bright shades are also available in a traditional design, as the next one showcases:

The orange in this rug really stands out! With dark and light blue accents, the design remains traditional while still being fun and fancy. If you need a large splash of color in a room, area rugs in bright shades like this may be exactly what you’re looking for. We love how detailed the border and interior are — the complex pattern doesn’t take away from the brilliant colors.

Of course, big colors can come in small sizes, too.

This Iranian rug is 2×3 and packs quite a lot of color into its small space! Purples, reds, creams and yellows are all components in this piece. The complex design and wide range of colors allow the details to really shine through and stand out. Small rugs like this can be useful in entryways, at the edge of your bed or in your kitchen.

Traditional rugs offer so much more than the limited color range that they are best known for, so come in to see what style suits your needs best. We carry traditional large area rugs, plus transitional, contemporary, tribal and antique.

By Allison Edrington.

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