Do Large Area Rugs Make Good Christmas Gifts

Choosing and purchasing a large area rug is a big decision and can come with a big price tag (though not always!), so does it make a proper Christmas gift for someone you care about? And can a rug be given as a housewarming present?

If you want to purchase a large area rug for someone on your wish list, you should NOT pick one you like and then surprise your recipient with it. Much like the beauty of a painting is in the eye of the beholder, everyone has their own tastes when it comes to home decor, and especially fine rugs in particular.

How to Give Large Area Rugs Well

You can still offer an area rug as a gift to someone, but you need to remove the surprise element from the situation. Whether it’s your wife, your son, or your mom, tell the intended recipient that you want to purchase a large area rug to place in their home’s living room, bedroom, or any room of their choosing. Then you can go with them, help them pick out the rug they want, and then purchase it.

When you work with the recipient to select a rug, you ensure that your gift doesn’t go unappreciated. They were a participant in the process and were able to pick the design they wanted. You may want to set an upward limit ahead of time so they don’t set their heart on one you cannot afford to buy them.

As a housewarming or Christmas gift, large area rugs are fantastic, but only when you coordinate with the recipient. Otherwise, the rug may end up in storage or begrudgingly placed in their home. If you and your spouse never know what to get each other for the holidays, consider looking for a rug you can both enjoy instead of spending money separately on each other.

Small area rugs can sometimes be purchased as surprise gifts, but be sure your recipient is open to receiving home decor. New couples or those who just moved into their first home would likely love a beautiful handmade rug, but someone who has lived in the same house for 40 years will have trouble finding a place to put it.

The process of giving someone handmade rugs can be difficult, since it takes more effort than your average gift, but you know that it can last generations when cared for properly. And if you visit often, you’ll be able to enjoy this gift, too!

Our designers and rug experts can help you select the right rug. Snap a picture of the room where the rug will go, and we’ll help you match the style and colors of the rugs we have in stock (or on special order) to the current decor. We also ship internationally, so no matter where your recipient lives, we can get their area rugs to them in good condition.

By Allison Edrington.

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