Traditional Silk vs Bamboo Silk Area Rugs

Silk is one of the most sought after rug materials because it makes intricately detailed designs possible, and the feel of it is smooth and luxurious. Traditional silk is well worth the cost, but bamboo silk is now an option in rug stores as well.

But which is better for what you need: Bamboo silk area rugs or traditional silk? We’ll go over the differences below so you can make an informed decision before buying. But if you still have questions, don’t hesitate to call our rug experts or come by our store in Scottsdale.

Traditional Silk in Luxury Rugs

Real silk is often considered a luxury item, not just when it comes to rugs. When you realize this delicate material is harvested from an insect called the mulberry silkworm, you can understand why. The silk is created by mulberry silkworm larvae, and these insects are raised in captivity to produce material in usable quantities. This species is the only known type to create a silk that is usable by humans and that can be raised in captivity.

We call this “traditional” silk because it has been used in fabrics for several millennia, originating in China. Since the material is so fine, area rugs made of silk can have high knot counts, sometimes up to 1,200 per inch, and can create highly detailed designs because of this.

Traditional silk is delicate and often more expensive than other rug types because the material is in demand and hard to cultivate. Silk area rugs are not suited well for high traffic areas of your home but are better suited to accenting less traveled parts of your home or hung on the wall.

If you see a “silk” rug for sale and it seems inexpensive, you may be looking at artificial silk. If it says “artificial” or “art” silk, than it is not actually silk and will not be as high quality.

Bamboo Silk in Fine Rugs

This is a fairly new type of silk in the rug market, and it’s growing quickly in popularity. Bamboo is a simple plant to grow and is considered an easily renewable resource. Stalks can grow over 70 feet in a single year and require no replanting. Since it’s so easy to grow, this is a more affordable material than traditional silk, especially if you want a large area rug.

You get many of the same characteristics from bamboo silk that many look for when they shop for luxury rugs made of traditional silk. The smooth, silky feel of bamboo silk is similar, plus it naturally breathes well and is cool to the touch. Most of the bamboo silk rugs on the market at this time are a blend of both bamboo silks and art silks. They usually have a more textured look than traditional silk.

One of the many reasons bamboo is becoming more popular in a wide variety of products is that it is easy to grow and has hypoallergenic and antimicrobial properties.

Which is Best For You?

Depending on why you are looking for a rug, traditional silk or bamboo silk could be a good fit. Stop by our Scottsdale location to see the differences in person and talk to our rug experts about your needs.

By Allison Edrington.

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