How to Search Our Online Area Rug Catalog from Your Home

What do you think thousands of rugs look like? You don’t have to wonder long if you stop by our rug store in Scottsdale– we have several thousand rugs in stock. But if you can’t come by or just want to browse from bed (and who doesn’t?), you can view more than 3,200 of the rugs we have in stock in our online gallery.

Narrowing Down Your Selection By Size

Flipping through our digital gallery is a breeze because you can narrow down the selection in several ways. If you’re looking for a specific size of rug, there are several size categories to choose from — 2×3, 3×5, 4×6, 5×8, 6×9, 8×10,9×12, 10×14, Oversize, Round Rugs, and Runners.

For many of our customers, being able to narrow down the selection this way makes finding the right rug much easier. After all, you probably have an idea of where you want to place a handmade rug in your home, and so you’ll need to find the right size for the space.

How big does a rug need to be for your space? Much of that is up to personal taste, but you can use smaller rugs to accent certain aspects of a room, or you can choose a large area rug to act as a centerpiece of the room. Just remember that much like other fine art, you need to frame a rug — there should be at least 10 inches of space between the walls and the rug edge. Still not sure the size you need? Come by or call us and our rug experts can help you.

Rug Style to Match Your Style

Another way you can narrow your selection is by style of rug. You can choose a size category first and then select one of the five styles of rug to see only rugs in that size and style. For example, you could look at 3×5 rugs that are made with a traditional style.

If you don’t have a size nailed down, however, you can browse just by style. There are five small check boxes so you can browse multiple styles at once as well: Contemporary, Traditional, Tribal, Transitional, and Antique. Want a detailed description of what all these styles are? Check our our prior blog post 5 Styles of Carpets & Rugs.

Mobile Rug Gallery

You don’t need a PC or laptop to look through our online gallery. Our website is mobile friendly, so you can select the page you want “Gallery” and then “View 3200 Rugs In Inventory” to start browsing. Tablets and smartphones can easily pull up the gallery so you can view our gallery anywhere.

But remember, the rugs we have online are only part of what we have in stock. If you can’t quite find what you’re looking for, come by our Scottsdale store.

How do you like to shop for rugs, art, and other home items?

By Allison Edrington.

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