An Appreciation for Runners Our Favorite Runner Area Rugs

They adorn your hallways and walkways, and in a dark red they are used to welcome all sorts of celebrities to gala events. We are talking, of course, about runner area rugs. These long area rugs are typically made of sturdy materials like wool so they can withstand the feet that come across them over time.

But while that identifiable shade of the red carpet is fantastic, there are all sorts of colors and designs to choose from when you need a runner for your home. We have beautiful contemporary rugs like the one below:


This runner from India features a red-brown color with cream and brown lines that run up and down the design. This is considered a contemporary design because of the simplistic design and lack of traditional elements like a border. Almost looks like lightning, doesn’t it?

You aren’t limited in colors when it comes to runners, especially in a contemporary style. The rug below features a checkered pattern that is made with a color blocking style:

We could see this gabbeh rug from Pakistan in a library, near a fireplace, or in any room utilizing warm colors — an excellent accent piece. The variation in the shades is what makes this more than just the typical checker pattern.

Of course, let’s not forget about the floral patterns that large area rugs are known for. This transitional runner incorporates a traditional-style flower motif, makes it bigger, and repeats it throughout the pattern. The suggestion of a border is also a throwback to traditional design.

This rug is actually 12 feet long, and this picture is a close-up to show you the detail of the design. Transitional designs can vary widely, and this one leans a little more toward the traditional side rather than the contemporary side.

To see what we mean, check out this other beautiful transitional runner:
We love this one from India because it brings together several traditional motifs in a mishmash in their gorgeous detail. So many rich colors and hand-knotted detail. One of the reasons it’s so captivating is that the segments are irregularly shaped, which means it’s more likely to be noticed.

Another transitional runner that we love is in a brilliant blue:

The variation in the blue coloring gives it the appearance of being underwater and would work well in homes with blues or other bold colors. This is one of the few overdyed rugs we have in stock, which is why the color is so brilliant The style is fairly traditional, but the coloring and the level of detail are what make this a transitional design.

By Allison Edrington.

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