Where Could You Fit an Oversized Rug in Your Home

A typical large area rug can be just the element you’re looking for in a room, but you need a pretty big space to house an oversized rug. If a rug has a length and width that are both over 10 feet, this is typically considered an oversize rug.

Oversized rugs do to a room what a huge painting will do — create a focal point upon which the rest of the room must coordinate. If you have a big space to fill, large area rugs that are big enough to be considered oversize instantly add a color, design, and style to any space.

But where can you fit such a large area rug? We’ll go over some of the top spots!

First, the Rule of Thumb

When you’re placing any area rugs in your home, you should think of them as art. Beautiful, handmade rugs will be in your family for generations if taken care of. And much like a piece of art, it needs to be framed. No, not a wooden frame. We’re talking about framing your rug with space. Let’s use a quick example: If you have a room that is 20 feet long and 20 feet wide, you wouldn’t want a 20×20 rug for that space. There should be at least 8-10 inches of space between the edge of the rug and the walls. That space is the “frame.”

Framing your rug in this way prevents damage to the edges from rubbing against the wall, and the overall look of the rug is much more balanced.

Oversized Rugs In the Bedroom

Large area rugs are placed in bedrooms either partially under the bed or completely under the bed with the edges sticking out from underneath. Master bedrooms with California King beds may be best served using an oversized rug, especially if you have hardwood floors. Large area rugs this size are big enough to be visible underneath a California King bed, and your toes won’t have to hit the cold floor in the mornings.

In the Living Room and Den

What better way to create a cozy, comfortable atmosphere in your living room or den than with a colorful and vibrant rug? With an oversized rug, all of your furniture should fit on top, which means the material will wear more evenly and you can easily create a unified look in that space. You should still move your furniture a few inches every six months to prevent too much wear in a single spot.

In the Guest Room

You might not have put a lot of thought into decorating your guest room. But if you’d like to give the space more personality without seeking out a dozen different accents and other decor, an oversized rug is a simpler solution. The guest room will feel more livable and comfortable to those who visit your home.

Depending on the layout and needs of your own space, there might be an even better spot for an oversized rug than we’ve mentioned here. Where would you place an oversized rug in your home?

By Allison Edrington.

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