More About Alyshaan Guarantee to Customers

We take our commitment to our customers seriously at Alyshaan Fine Rugs. That’s why we’d like to go over the Alyshaan Guarantee and how that makes the customer experience here very different than what you get in another rug store.

1. Best Prices on Rugs in Arizona

What do you look for when you’re rug shopping? Price is certainly a consideration, but how do you know when you’re looking at a good price? A rug store might advertise that it’s entire inventory is on sale, but this is often untrue. If a store has a perpetual sale, it’s not really on sale because a rug will be the same “sale” price all year!

At Alyshaan, we don’t play around with fake sales or gimmicks. Our fine rugs are all priced honestly, and we don’t have sales because our rugs are already priced well. There is a rug for every budget, and we can help you find it without pretending something is on sale.

2. Complimentary In-Home Viewing of Most Rugs

When you’re making a big purchase for your home, wouldn’t it be nice to see the item you want to buy in your living room or bedroom before you buy? We can make that happen. We can bring one or several rugs to your home so you can see exactly how each one will look. You may want to take pictures of each one if you need some time to decide.

If you don’t want us to drop by, we can also digitally insert a rug into a photo of the intended destination. Just send us a photo and let us know what rug designs you want digitally inserted. We want to help you make the best choice for your space, so we’re here to help. Just ask!

3. All Rug Material and Workmanship Quality Assured

We offer a best-of-the-industry guarantee on the material and workmanship of a rug. Ask us any question about a particular rug and we can tell you where it comes from, how it was made, and what materials were used. Some rug outlets may try to alter or exaggerate the qualities of their stock, but it is a point of professional pride that we are upfront and honest about every rug we sell.

4. Expert Staff and Design Assistance

Our staff knows its stuff, so you can ask us questions about styles, designs, value, or anything else and we will get you the right answer. If you want to design your own custom rugs, we also have professional designer on staff to help make your dreams become walkable reality in your living room.

5. Complete Repair and Cleaning Services for Rugs

To maintain the value of fine rugs over time, rug owners would be well advised to periodically clean their rugs and have any damage repaired soon after it is incurred. We also offer rug appraisals and assistance with dealing with insurers.

Have any questions about the Alyshaan Guarantee? Contact us with your questions.

By Allison Edrington.

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