Quite the Variety in a Single Size Area Rugs 6×9

Often you know what dimensions you need an area rug to be in, since it’s usually for a specific room or place in your home. Large and oversized area rugs are great for big rooms or for a home with an open layout, but sometimes you need something smaller, just not too small.

Area rugs that are 6×9 can offer that happy medium between huge and small, and it’s a popular size for that reason. We have several hundred area rugs in the 6×9 category, and you can browse several of them in our online gallery. What you’ll find is that there is a surprising variety of colors and design styles in this single size category.

Let us show you what we mean by highlighting some of the gorgeous area rugs that are 6 feet by 9 feet. We’ll start with one of the traditional Persian rugs:

This Pakistan Tabriz uses traditional motifs and designs for a beautifully intricate piece of art. Warm and cool colors collide in this rug, and we love that the central medallion stands out by using bolder colors than the rest of the interior’s design. Since it matches the colors used in the border, the medallion stands out and still coordinates with the rest of the design.

Another traditional Persian design takes a more colorful approach:
The bright oranges and yellows present in this particular rug make it an eye-catching choice for your home. Would it work with the decor you currently have? Certain elements pop in this piece, depending on the color. The warm colors in this rug really make us think of Arizona 🙂

Of course, there are more than traditional designs available. This transitional design is uses neutral colors for an elegant feel:

The repeating pattern is simple and yet the detail is what makes it memorable. The traditional floral designs are used throughout, but used in a more contemporary fashion — the fusion of traditional and contemporary is what makes this a transitional area rug. Sometimes simple and beautiful says it best.

We also love the interesting design of this contemporary area rug:

The checkered pattern repeats throughout … almost. A few motifs are borrowed from tribal designs to add an interesting element to the rug design. The asymmetry makes it especially unusual.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t showcase one of the tribal area rugs in 6×9 as well:

The brilliant, deep reds and purples in this rug are amazing! The pattern is simple, and it’s the colors that make it a standout sight. Welcome friends and family into your Arizona home with area rugs that add beauty and depth to your home.

Come in to our Scottsdale rug store to see our whole selection of area rugs in the 6×9 category (or any size category!).

By Allison Edrington.

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