What You Need to Know About Rug Pads

Area rugs are an investment, and you want that investment to stay in good condition as long as possible, right? That is why we wanted to talk about rug pads. These are thin pads that are custom cut to the size of your rug and go between the rug and the floor. Here are a few of the benefits good rug pads offer when they are installed properly:

  • Keeps your rug from sliding across the floor. This is definitely a safety feature! Both carpeted areas and hard surfaces benefit from this aspect of rug pads.
  • Your rug will feel better under your feet.
  • Prevents “bumps” in the rug.
  • Reduces the amount of normal wear your rug will take.

This might surprise you. Why don’t more rug stores sell rug pads if it benefits you and your rug so much? Mostly, this is because other rug dealers consider it a hassle. There isn’t much money to be made in creating custom cut pads and it takes time. Not a great deal of time, but enough to not be worth it to businesses that aren’t invested in customer service.

Not all rugs will slip around though, so you can use your best judgement here. If you have broadloom carpeting or you have furniture anchoring it, a rug pad may not be needed.

At Alyshaan Fine Rugs, we want you to get the most out of your investment, which is why we offer this service. You can find rug pads in other places or you can even order one online to cut yourself, but be sure it’s a high quality pad. Otherwise, it may cause damage to the back of your rug or to your floor. A rug pad must be cut slightly smaller than the rug itself (not including the fringe) to hold it in place properly.

Rug pads are great for hallway runners to prevent them from slowly drifting down the hall or for rugs in your entrance way. The fine rugs that have the most foot traffic and aren’t anchored by furniture are the rugs that needs pads the most.

Other Ways to Increase Life of an Area Rug

  • Store them in a cool, dry place when storage is needed. Stack rugs flat on top of one another for simple storage. Large area rugs should be wrapped around a pole. Be sure to protect them against moths and rodents.
  • Choose durable materials for area rugs that will see moderate to heavy foot traffic. Wool, cotton, or bamboo silk area rugs are ideal. Natural silk is too delicate.
  • Periodically move furniture on top of your rugs a couple inches so it doesn’t wear the exact same spot all the time.
  • Prevent long exposures to direct sunlight. That isn’t to say you can’t have a rug in a room with a window. Just don’t have the sun beating on your fine rugs all day long.

By Allison Edrington.

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