What Country Makes the Best Area Rugs

Area rugs are made in several countries around the world, but you might be wondering what country makes the best ones (and in a price range within your budget). The answer might surprise you. None of them!

But don’t get us wrong. There are definitely differences in style and design between rugs made in disparate parts of the world, though not as much as you’d think. Persian rugs often use flowery motifs that you don’t always see in oriental rugs, for example — come in to our Phoenix area store to see the aesthetic differences for yourself.

Every rug-producing country offers a range of quality when it comes to their exports. You can find poorly made rugs along with those of impeccable quality from India, Iraq, Pakistan, or any other country. When you’re trying to find the “best” area rugs for your home, what you’re really looking for is the type of rug that best suits your tastes. In that sense, there will always be a “best,” but it won’t have much to do with the country of origin in terms of quality.

But I’ve heard …

You may have heard from friends, family, interior designers, or rug dealers that only carpets & rugs from a particular region are any good, meaning the rest aren’t worth even considering. We heartily disagree.

Most of these biased opinions are not actually based on the quality of a designer area rug from a specific region. Often, a person will say the best rugs come from the country they feel most connected to, whether they were born there or they have other ties to the area. It makes sense that someone with cultural or other ties to a region might think their country’s rugs are the best looking and of the highest quality. But we guarantee there are low quality rugs coming out of that person’s favorite place along with the high quality ones they laude. They may not like the look of area rugs from other regions, but that is an issue of personal taste rather than overall quality.

Another reason someone might specify a particular origin country as being the best is if it’s a rug store or professional that specializes in a particular type of rug. Most of us know to take the opinion of such an expert with a grain of salt, but be sure to do your homework all the same. You don’t need to limit your options to just one origin country when every region has the ability to create breathtaking art you can walk on.

Where Alyshaan Finds Fine Rugs

Many of our fine area rugs come from India and Pakistan, though we also have rugs from Iran, Afghanistan, Nepal, Turkey, and Egypt.

If you need help selecting a particular style or design, Alyshaan Fine Rugs is here to help. We can help you narrow down your selection not based on a rug’s origin, but on your decorating needs. You can also bring your questions to our experts and they’ll do their best to find the right answer for you.

By Allison Edrington.

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