One Large Area Rug or Several Small Ones

Which is a better value: large area rug or scatter rugs? It depends. Both rug styles are valuable when purchasing handmade rugs from a reputable dealer, such as Alyshaan Rugs. The choice of style is very personal and takes some time to choose exactly what you want.

Ask yourself the following questions to identify which type of rug will best fit your décor and personality.

1. Where will you use the rug?

  • Great room or family room
  • Hallway or entrance
  •  Master or guest bedroom
  •  Bath or kitchen

The size of the family room dictates the size of the rug. If the room is very large, then an equally large area rug will work best. A popular designer rule is to have a rug large enough for the seating pieces to rest on it. Using multiple rugs work better in hallways with runners, in the kitchen or at work with squares or rectangles, and in baths with most any shape. 

2. What is your budget?

Do not think that several smaller rugs will necessarily equal the price of one large area rug. 

When a rug is made well of wool or wool and silk, the costs can vary by the size of the rug, but the value of each rug is dependent upon how the rug is made: by hand, loom or machine. In a large space where there are many seating areas, 8×10 rugs that fit the chairs or couches in each area help define the seating pattern. Incorporating several rugs is also acceptable to use over a carpet to define spaces or protect an entry doorway. 

3. What furniture will accompany the rug(s)?

If the room is already furnished, it will make your decision different than if the room is empty. 

Paint, window treatment and flooring colors are starting points for choosing rug design. If you start with an area rug, the rest of the furniture and treatments can pull from the rug’s color palette. In a room already furnished and painted, it may be easier to use two or more smaller rugs to help blend the room’s elements together. There may be a large area rug that’s just perfect for the space, even if it’s already furnished. Talk to our rug experts and we’ll help you find the perfect solution.

4. What is your design style?

Rugs come in so many varieties that complementing your style is easy. 

Traditional, contemporary, modern and custom designed rugs are plentiful, so you can readily match your sense of style to the right rug. Alyshaan Rugs of Scottsdale, Arizona, in the Phoenix Valley area, has exactly what you are looking for in design, colors, sizes and fine quality for your budget.

When you are able to identify your basic rug ideas, start your search. Buying a valued and enduring rug is similar to a car purchase. You will live with your choice for a period of years; it must work for family and guests as it adds flavor and utility to your home. After all, you will spend more time with on your rug than in your car, so put as much time into your rug purchase as you would a vehicle! 

Visit  to see the selections and services they provide for you, so you can make successful rug decisions. Whether you choose one or more area rugs, consider your selection as an “anchor” for your personal design statement.

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