Why Wool Area Rugs Are Best for Kitchens and Bathrooms

Most people don’t want a drop to spill or a speck of dirt to touch their designer area rugs because they bought them for their beauty and their value, and we understand that. Much like buying a new car and being overly protective of its paint job, you likely want your rug to stay perfectly clean. 

We understand that. But we’d like to let you know it’s OK to place area rugs in the places in your home prone to moisture and spills. Transform the look and feel of your kitchen and bathroom by picking a designer area rug that can withstand the circumstances of these spaces — wool area rugs.

How are wool area rugs best for wet, spill-prone rooms?

Durability of Wool Area Rugs

You can find rugs made out of all kinds of materials, but rugs hand-knotted with wool are some of the most durable. Wool area rugs are often used in areas of homes with high foot traffic for this reason. Rugs made of more delicate material just can’t last as long, such as silk. Low quality materials such as synthetics, however, can also lead to the rug deteriorating faster. 

Consider how much you use your kitchen and bathroom every day. Your carpets & rugs need to be durable to put up with all that use. Wool and wool blends provide that durability — rugs made of it can last generations.

Wool is Easy to Clean

We’ve all had a stain on a favorite shirt or rug that just won’t come out, and it’s really frustrating because what can you do? Still use it and try to cover up the stain or toss it? Why a stain sticks has a lot to do with the type of material you’re working with, what caused the stain, and how you clean it. 

Wool is the easiest rug material to clean. Stay away from silks and synthetic materials for the kitchen and bathroom areas because it becomes trickier to get those stains out of these materials. Most spills can be spot cleaned — just make sure you allow the rug to air dry if there is excess moisture after you’ve cleaned it up.

What About Moisture?

Wool allows more air flow through it than many other materials, which is why it can handle moisture well. This makes it an ideal candidate for both the bathroom and kitchen. It is also less sensitive to the temperature and humidity changes these two areas of your house experience.

Where to Place Wool Area Rugs

Bathroom — One or more rugs in front of the sink, depending on the size of the rugs and your bathroom. You can also place one larger rug in the center to create a focal point.

Kitchen — Most kitchens place two or more small area rugs in front of the main areas. But depending on your setup, you could also place one or more runners instead.

By Allison Edrington.

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