Decor Options for Homes with Traditional Area Rugs

When you insert traditional area rugs into your décor, the way they fit your style is as important as the size. Traditional area rugs are ones with old world or Persian motifs. Traditional rugs have a border print with floral, geometric, center medallion, or repeated pattern on the interior. There are so many choices that you may become dizzy with all the detail you must consider.

When you fall in love with traditional area rugs, it probably does not matter what the design, color or size happens to be. In this case, make your purchase wisely as an investment, then create a room around it. When you need an area rug and want an investment that complements your home, then there are a few helpful steps you can make to narrow your choices.

The size of a central area rug depends upon your room dimensions and furniture locations. The colors in a traditional rug have dominant and ancillary colors that can enhance your established decor. The pattern in the rug may be simple or detailed, so take care to pick a design that fits with the room’s atmosphere.

Usually a large central area rug sets the tone for the furniture that touches or sits on it. For example, a nice seating area would include a sofa, two to three chairs, and a low center table in an “L” or “U” shape. The open side of your arrangement may face a view to the garden, a fireplace or artwork that you wish to showcase. The most flexible central area rug size is 8×10, so start there and adjust the fit for your situation.

Colors in traditional luxury rugs usually have a dominant background color that will help you decide what works in your room. A navy background that has many design colors will fit with neutral furnishing and accent accessories that pick up the other colors in the rug. Or a light background with a dominant color in the design will fit a variety of room shades. The rug’s dominant pattern color is accented by a piece of furniture or accessories, such as window treatment, art, pillows, or a throw. Here is where a color wheel can help you make complementary color choices.

A traditional rug pattern will make a huge statement in your room. Be aware of what a floral, repetitive, geometric or central design will feel like once the rug is placed in your scenario. If your furniture is a neutral color, then an intricate design will work well, and you can have fun with accessories that pick up other colors in the rug. If your artwork, furnishings and accessories are the focus of your room, a medallion or simple design pattern will not interfere with the room’s tone. Walk into your room and notice where your eye goes first. Is it to the painting with many colors on your wall, or to a view of your flower garden? If so, simple is better. Or does your eye search for a place to focus? Then a patterned rug will add interest as a focal point.

You may wonder how on earth you will find time to do all this. Visit Alyshaan Rugs and get advice from their design staff. They will even let you “try out” a rug to be sure your fit is perfect. The versatility of traditional rugs will work to your advantage. In your heart, you know what you are looking for, so it is worth taking time to choose the one large statement that your rug investment will make in your home.

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