Can Only Modern Homes Pull Off Contemporary Rugs

Contemporary rugs are made in the 20th or 21st Century and have unique design elements. When you choose an area rug for a contemporary space, the design is the most important element of your purchasing decision.

What is considered “contemporary” space? Architecturally, contemporary style equates to angular, cylindrical or circular styles that complement the environment and make a distinctive statement. When you think “contemporary,” icons of the genre are:

  • “Falling Water” home in Bear Run, PA, by Frank Lloyd Wright
  • The Farnsworth House in Plano, IL, by Mies van der Rohe
  • Eames Lounge Chair by Charles and Ray Eames

A colonial, federalist ranch or Victorian style home, however, can be a showcase for a contemporary or modern upgrade with interior touches.

So, will a contemporary area rug fit in with traditional decor? It depends. With any area rug choice, the size, color, and design are part of the decision process. A contemporary rug will often create the model for a room’s design. When a contemporary rug is introduced into an established decor, the rug choice needs to complement the space.

Contemporary/modern area rug designs can have floral, bordered, repeating patterns, or geometric blended color themes. Does this sound familiar? Traditional rugs carry the similar themes. When you begin your search, take photos, material samples and the paint palette of the space that will hold your rug. Then, ask for design help to harmonize with the total package.

Here are a few suggestions:

showimage 3808

Striped, plaid or patchwork designs can work in cultural décor such as tribal, Arizona desert or Asian themes.

10x14 area rug

Blended hues of color are beautiful in dramatic, scenic, or color-rich rooms.


Contemporary rugs that have an intricate floral, landscape or plant theme will be the center of attention in a hallway or as a hanging work of art.

Alyshaan Rugs can also provide custom rugs to fit a design, color, pattern, or scene that you wish to introduce into your setting. See how simple a custom rug creation can be.  The advantage of a custom rug is that it is unique to your tastes. You determine the design, color, size, and material. Alyshaan Rugs has an on-site graphic designer ready to work with you if you need help with the design. Although an 8×11 rug may take a while to perfect, the result will be exactly what you envisioned.

The wonderful feature of owning a handmade, wool and/or silk area rug is that you will enjoy its look, feel and richness for years. Even if you change your furnishings and room accessories, the rug will help you determine what fits into a new scheme. Traditional or transitional area rugs are more common in a non-contemporary surrounding. But, do not be daunted when you want to make your space shine with a contemporary component. We hope the suggestions are helpful in narrowing your rug decision when you venture into searching for contemporary rugs.

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