A Study in Blue Area Rugs

Blue may not be the first color you think of when you consider an 8×10 area rug. You may think the color blue will somehow dominate or overpower the rest of the space. Instead, think of blue as a versatile color that fits a multitude of styles and moods.

Wade into Blue
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When you step onto the lush “Harmony Blue” area rug, you will feel as though you have stepped into a crystal blue pool filled with gentle swirling white vines and petals. The richness of blue definitely sets a mood perfect for a space that cries for peace and harmony. Picture a room with a great view of nature and imagine a chaise on this rug where you can lounge and appreciate the beauty of your surroundings. In the case of this contemporary rug, you will notice that the design blends with the scenery and sets the quiet tone.   

Blue Ocean Waves
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Take advantage of all hues the color blue has to offer and enjoy the “Blue Maple” 8×10 area rug’s unique design. Maple suggests that the design is of tree bark with the sun and shade creating contrast. Or turn the rug and step into an ocean of blues with waves that move from deep navy to royal to pale. The contemporary design in Blue Maple is meant to stand out in a space that invites guests to notice the art of the design and feel of movement this rug generates.

Splashes of Blue
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The transitional style of “Blue Multi” gives the 4×6 rug many uses. The blend of warm browns and beige with the cool splashes of blue woven into the design can fit in a hallway, foyer, connecting room or kitchen area. The nicest thing about a “transitional” floor covering is that you can blend it with other designs and patterns. The blues in this rug will pop out with accessories that complement the shades in this rug.  

Blue Tranquility
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Elegance and simplicity define the “Blue/Mul” tone for this 4×6 rug. A spectacular bedroom with fine linens and chic accessories will become even more impressive with this rug in front of a cozy fireplace with plush seating.  Or place the white with blue swirls next to a whirlpool bath to step onto with your bare feet. Once again, the color blue creates a sense of calm and relaxation inspired by the fresh oriental design. 

Blue is not just for Mediterranean, Caribbean, oriental or southwest design themes. Introduce a splash of blue or start with blue drama to create your own scenario of tranquility. These fine, handmade rugs from Alyshaan Rugs Warehouse in Scottsdale AZ represent only a peak at all the great designs, patterns, colors, sizes and artistry you want for your space. Visit us online at alyshaan.com to start your tour of possibilities. 

By Allison Edrington.

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