Tribal Rugs for Mesa Homes

The Native American history of the southwest region helps to define architectural, landscape and interior design. The Pueblo design of the early 1920’s is experiencing a revival in New Mexico and Arizona. Think of materials such as adobe, terra cotta tiles, and heavy wood. Add the structure of flat roofs, thick walls and open windows for coolness and ventilation. Mix Southwestern landscape colors of oranges, golds, blues, silvers and turquoise. You will get a picture of the style elements in Mesa homes. 

A mesa is Spanish for “tabletop,” that describes the western landscape of flat elevated land that slopes drastically down to a lower elevation. Furnishings, construction and landscape settings mimic this natural phenomenon. To soften the look and feel while staying true to the native theme, tribal rugs make a grand statement in Southwest interior design. 

Tribal rugs are handmade by nomadic people of villages or tribes. The craft can be found in Pakistan, Turkey, Indiaand Iran. The designs are mostly geometric. The foundation materials are wool, cotton or silk. Alyshaan Rugs of Arizona has a distinctive “mesa collection” to choose the perfect size, color and ambience for mesa homes.  Here are a few tribal rugs you can find at Alyshaan Rugs.

Picture these Tribal Rugs on floors of large or parquet tile; concrete or brick; wood or bamboo.

The 10×14 large area rug fits well in a great room, gathering area or meeting spot. The geometric center design surrounded by light beige anchors the room, perhaps with a light wood center table. The border defines locations for large leather couches or oversized chairs. 
The mixture of warm and cool colors in a 3×5 tribal rug from Pakistan would make a guestroom inviting when placed at the foot of the bed. The dark center red gives you inspiration for accessories and accents. The cool blue reflects the sky and the sand colors  that blend well with stone or tile. 
3x5 area rug
This tribal runner from India fits well in a walkway from the great room to the dining room. The rich reds, tans and pinks will add drama to a lighter color floor.  Runners also work in other paths to the outside, from the entrance to interior or bedroom hallways.
Step onto the piazza with this 2×3 prayer rug in subtle blends of brown, blue, gray and white. Or place the small throw next to a bathroom shower. Take advantage of the color palette to move the rug to different locations.
The professional staff at Alyshaan Rugs in Arizona can guide you through the design process for making your home take on a Southwestern flavor. Visit the Scottsdale rug warehouse or the new Sedona store to find not only tribal, but also traditional, contemporary and transitional fine flooring. There are patterns, colors, sizes and textures to fit all budgets. Visit Our Gallery to browse over 3,200 luxurious rugs.

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