What are the most stain resistant area rugs

Do you have the impression that handmade, hand-knotted and flatweave fine rugs need protection from spills and traffic? You do not need to worry; that belief is a fallacy. Stain resistant area rugs are available, its all a matter of having the right information available to you. Read on to know what the experts at Alyshaan have to share. 

The truth about fine rugs is that they hold value, last for generations and age beautifully. Wool, bamboo and silk rugs are the most stain resistant. Pure silk, synthetic or machine made rugs will require maintenance or protection. Consider clothing, for example. A wool blend suit or coat is easier to wipe clean with a wet cloth after a spill. A silk or rayon blouse and dress will require immediate attention and a trip to the cleaners. Here is why. Natural materials breathe and do not have chemical coatings. Synthetic and machine made rugs are usually put through a chemical wash to enhance their appearance. One spill will remove the chemical when you clean it up and the spot will show indefinitely. Low-grade wool will also absorb stain quicker. The handmade rug is easier to repair since the individual threads or knots can be replaced.  

Guarantees or warranties are important to get as part of your luxury rug purchase. So many attributes determine a rug’s value that it is difficult to observe quickly the grade or quality. A reputable rug dealer will always offer a guarantee. You may find that your rug purchased at a liquidation sale is not what it seems when you try to clean a drop of food and find that the dye comes off on your rag. Without a guarantee, it will be too late to get a refund or a repair. Even a repair on such a rug will not be as good as the original.

Put your fine rugs in kitchens, baths, entryways and halls. Smaller 3×5 rugs work nicely in front of a sink and work area. Larger 6×9 rugs are perfect for dinette areas. Dining rooms demand beautiful large rugs under the dining table and chairs to enhance the table’s wood, glass or other material. If you have a baby high chair next to you when you dine, do not fear. A fine rug will spot clean quickly with a wet rag. Wools and bamboo silks that are woven or hand knotted do not absorb moisture or food as quickly as other materials. Go ahead; put your fine rug in your entertainment area. The same ease of cleanup will apply with a red wine spill or a dropped platter of hors d’oeuvres. 

Do you have children and/or pets? You may think it is better to get an inexpensive carpet or throw rug to put in the family area. But what will happen when a major spill or accident occurs in an obvious area. Cleaning products, steam cleaning and scrubbing may not be enough to fix the stain permanently. Rugs and carpets that cost less come with a price. They absorb moisture, so if you remove the initial stain, you may find the stain return in a few days or weeks. A 9×12 great room wool rug that is 80 years old will withstand years of traffic, food spills and pet accidents.

Flatweave rugs work particularly well in traffic or seating areas. A 3×5 flatweave in front of an easy chair can withstand the popular use of that chair. A flatweave runner from bath to bedrooms can hold up to bare wet feet. Place a small flatweave in a powder room to add color and interest. An occasional shaking out, brushing and airing will refresh the look and feel or your rug. 

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This is our 82 year old Persian we bought at an antique store in Brooklet,Georgia. It is fine wool and still looks as great as it did when we bought it 7 years ago!

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