Flatweave Rugs and Furniture Will Soon Be Available in Our 2nd Location

Alyshaan Rugs in Scottsdale AZ is dedicated to serving customers with different needs. We know that the style of décor you prefer is not limited to traditional, contemporary, old world or modern. We understand that different regions can influence design choices. We are proud to announce our new store in Sedona, Arizona that is opening soon.

The same quality and service you know at Alyshaan Rugs will be our priority in Sedona. We will have the same Persian, Oriental and Transitional rugs you enjoy in our Scottsdale location. In Sedona, we are introducing flatweave rugs and furniture to fit the ambience of Sedona’s surroundings. 

What are flatweave rugs?

Flatweave means that the rug has no pile, as do hand looped wool and silk rugs. Dhurries are usually made from cotton, wool, jute, silk, or a combination of these materials.  Made in Pakistan, India or the United States, dhurrie rugs are woven on a loom with warp strands tied from top to bottom and weft strands from left to right. Colors are introduced by different threads woven with the weft strands. Native American rugs are made this way to take advantage of the many colors and symbols of tribal history. Kilims are also flatweave rugs woven like tapestries made from cotton, wool, jute or silk. From Morocco, the subtle colors and intricate designs are found as floor coverings or hanging works of art. 

How to use flatweave rugs

We are adding more of the flatweave variety of rugs to the Sedona store because the natural colors of the mountains, the lush green valleys and the sky are inspiration for Sedona and Western style. 

Flatweave rugs can go anywhere because of the versatility in colors and sizes. A simple 3×5 fits well in a foyer, pantry or utility room.
Smaller rugs fit in front of a favorite piece of furniture or a powder room.
Larger area 9×12 and oversized rugs are beautiful in gathering places. There is a quaint restaurant in the valley along the road to Sedona that used an oversized rug in their outdoor dining space. A concert or meeting stage looks elegant with a flatweave to define the entertainment or presentation area. A flatweave runner goes equally well in the hall, porch or kitchen.
Another great advantage of flatweave handmade rugs is their weight. You can move them easily from one room to another. They fit equally well outdoors and indoors. The colors reflect the surroundings of terra cotta, deep red tile, grass underfoot or over a plain carpet to add interest. 

Plan a trip to our second location in Sedona

New at the Sedona store will be furnishings finished with flatweave materials. Chairs, headboards, footstools and other accessories add to your experience in western design. If you have never visited Sedona, you will instantly feel the charm of the shops, restaurants and gathering places. The mountain vistas from anywhere in town will have you snapping many pictures as well as just enjoying the view from an outdoor bench.  If you live near Sedona, a special trip to our new Alyshaan Rug store will give you an excuse to stay awhile. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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