Rules of Thumb for Placing Fine Rugs and Carpets Together

Usually defined by floor covering that is all one color, texture or pattern, area rugs can make the difference between a dull room or an inviting space. So what happens when you want to pair fine rugs and carpets in the same room? We share some rules of thumb for placing fine rugs and carpets together.

When you place a fine rug over a carpet, consider three things:

  1. Does the fine rug blend with the carpet’s color?
  2. Is the pattern complementary to the carpet and furnishings?
  3. Will the texture of the area rug compete with the carpet?

When a carpet is a neutral color such as gray, tan or white, a fine oriental rug will not only stand out, but also add definition to the function of the room. A grey carpet in a large great room may provide consistency of color for any type of furnishings. So why would you want to separate the flow of the room? A seating area is nicely defined by a 5×7 or 8×10 rug in traditional or contemporary design schemes. A magnificent dining room set is showcased with an area rug that adds emphasis to the central dining spot. 

A patterned rug over a low pile or sculpted carpet can add interest to a room or hallway. High traffic areas will show wear and tear eventually. Protect the carpet with a flat weave or a wool rug that defines the path from one room to another. A patterned “throw rug” breaks up monotony in a room that has no focal point. Consider a striped color blend for an entryway that invites guests to wander further. When a carpet has a pattern, a rug with contemporary lines adds depth and simplicity to the space.

Rug textures blend well when a fine rug is placed on top of a flat pile or sisal carpet. When you have little or no choice in the carpet, add softness with your choice of area rugs. Bedrooms are especially nice with soft carpet underfoot with every step. A wool and silk rug at bedside adds another layer of pleasure as your bare feet touch the floor. A sturdy carpet in a bath will welcome a soft rug next to the whirlpool, as you step out to towel dry.

If you are concerned about how a rug over a carpet may cause tripping, bunching or moving, do not worry. There are many simple and inexpensive ways to anchor your area rug in place. A large rug over a carpet will not usually need anchoring if it is made of heavy material, such as wool. Get advice from the designers at Alyshaan Rugs inArizona on how best to fit your rugs together. The selection is practically endless. Learn how to find exactly what you are looking for by visiting

Finally, a carpet allows you the chance to be creative, change your mind or reflect the seasons with your area rug preferences. Enjoy that Persian rug you treasure and create a cozy setting that looks and feels luxurious

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