Alyshaan Scottsdale Rugs Store Expanding New Sedona Location Opening

We are happy to announce that Alyshaan Fine Rugs is opening a second store in Sedona, Arizona! We are really looking forward to the expansion into this growing Arizona market. Our timing could hardly be better with tourism and building on the rise in this area. 

Scottsdale Rugs Store Will Keep Serving Customers

Of course, our Scottsdale rugs store will stay open and continue to carry the gorgeous, handmade rugs you’ve come to expect. High quality area rugs of all shapes and sizes have been the mainstay of our Scottsdale location, and we intend to keep it that way. Whether you’re looking for custom solutions, designer area rugs, or just the perfect accent for your home, we’ll still offer all the same services as before.

How the Sedona Rugs Store Will Be Different

  • New Sedona rugs store opens first week of June
  • 3,000 sq feet in the beautiful Hillside Sedona Mall (we especially love the view!)
  • Will carry hand-knotted rugs along with select flatweaves

Every community has slightly different needs, which is why the Sedona store will be a little different than the one in Scottsdale. While we will still offer fine Persian, oriental, and other rugs, the Sedona store will also offer flatweave rugs and furniture.

The beautiful flatweaves called dhurries and kilims come from Pakistan and India, and we will also offer Moroccan flatweaves. Dhurries are usually made from cotton, wool, jute, silk, or a combination of these materials. Kilims are woven like tapestries. Flatweaves are typically floor coverings created in simple designs with a myriad of colors — smaller rugs are often used to accent furniture or for meditation, while larger flatweaves can be used at community events or in large rooms of your home. Flatweaves are “flat” because they have no pile. 

The Sedona store will soon carry small furniture pieces that incorporate flatweaves, such as covered stools, headboards, and chairs. Though the focus will remain on handmade rugs, we want to meet the needs of those who want a rug-look in their furniture.

Our rug and furniture inventory will be available online like our rugs are now for the Scottsdale store. If you see a rug you absolutely love in one store but you live closer to the other, don’t fret. We’ll send any rug from our Scottsdale inventory to Sedona, and vice versa. You won’t need to make the two hour drive!

We’re excited to make this major move for Alyshaan Fine Rugs through the expansion! We will maintain the same core values of being open, honest, and helpful to our customers in both locations so customers can go home with a rug or flatweave they adore.

By Allison Edrington.

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