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When you have a new space to decorate, you can either feel daunted by the experience or excited about the possibilities. The experts at Alyshaan Fine Rugs in Scottsdale recommend excitement as the preferred emotion, especially when you choose to decorate with a fine handmade area rug.

Enjoy the Journey

The website www.houzz.com is a one-stop destination to help you settle on your design theme. It does not matter if you choose traditional, contemporary, transitional, old world, modern or eclectic, you will find  professional advice, other people’s experiences, designer recommendations and support for your project. Here are some fresh ideas for specific situations starting with a beautiful area rug from Alyshaan Fine Rugs.

A cozy, yet elegant family room

Family rooms require the basics of comfort for all ages to watch TV, listen to music read, play games or simply take a nap before dinner. You do not want the design to be so casual that it becomes sloppy because everything collects there. Nor do you want the family to feel stifled when they try to relax in the family room surroundings. The answer: start with a large muted color area rug that pulls the room together.

traditional-family-room (1)

Transitional Fine Rugs in a Traditional Family Room

The muted beige, brown and cream pattern and background set the stage for a cozy plush sofa with Queen Anne end tables. The Accessory colors pull the fine rugs colors up to eye level. It does not matter if you mix plaid with floral as long as the colors blend and there is just the right amount of contrast in the patterns. Cherry or Mahogany wood adds a degree of formality to the scene. Window coverings of sheers and draperies give the room low light for watching movies. The soft lamp light provides room for browsing magazines or reading a book. When you use a transitional rug pattern to anchor your design, you have the advantage of changing the colors seasonally with accessories. Choose cream and blush colors to lighten the room in Spring. Deep reds, blue or greens will add warmth in Winter.

ikat rug

Contemporary Living Room with Colorful Ikat Handmade Fine Rugs

Living rooms are places for entertainment and conversation with guests. The nature of the room demands more drama and formality in its design. The unique Ikat handmade rug from Alyshaan Fine Rugs contributes brightness and energy to this contemporary seating area. 

The abstract design has so many color choices in the amethyst and purple palette that you can pick and choose which colors you wish to use for the furnishing and accessories. No further pattern is required for the setting; however, the color accents in the pillows emphasize the rug’s richness. Grey upholstery with touches of silver hardware adds glamor to the setting. Or bronze materials with gold touches highlight the yellows in the rug’s design. Contemporary design is clean and simple, but certainly not boring. Let the choice you make for floor covering be a launching pad for your creativity.


Bedroom Home Office with Traditional Hand Woven Area Fine Rugs

Small spaces necessitate multiple uses. A townhouse or condominium does not have the luxury of large or multiple rooms to spread out your activities. The perfect spot for a compact home office is the corner of a larger bedroom floor plan. But, you may ask, how do you differentiate between the room’s applications? Use a traditional wool hand woven area rug, of course! The design of a traditional rug fits anywhere you place it. In this scenario, the antique patina of the wool fibers blends to create a calm background. 

Today’s working world does not mean you have to commute or rent an office. Also, when you live in the heart of a city, the living area may be quite elegant with a dramatic view, while lacking in actual square footage. The angular placement of the bed in this room allows space to share the room with a proper workstation and side chair. The elegance of a fine handmade wool rug creates a sense of credibility to the office. Psychologists recommend that you should not share your sleep space with work. However, with such a beautifully designed co-habitation of this room’s purpose, we think you can ignore that advice.

When you want to build, design or redecorate, visit the largest database of ideas, advice, visuals and professional referrals in the design industry.  You will enjoy the adventure of design when you visit www.houzz.com/alyshaan to launch your ideas. Alyshaan Rugs is ready to provide impeccable customer service to develop your ideas. 

By Allison Edrington.

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