Tips to Match Fine Area Rugs With Existing Furniture

You inherited your great grandmother’s wool antique hand knotted area rugs, and you cannot wait to display it proudly in your home. You went to the Alyshaan Rugs of Arizona showroom and found the hand woven tribal area rugs that fit your southwest architecture. Or maybe you want to upgrade your family room to a more contemporary look with gorgeous fine area rugs you cannot live without. How does your love affair with your rug fit into your current design scheme?

Do not get frustrated. There are many ways to fit your new acquisition to your existing furniture without spending a fortune to start over completely.

Use Accessories

Pillows, Lamps and artwork are interchangeable items that you can coordinate to fit your rug’s design. 
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An antique rug with a dark background and intricate floral pattern will have subtle colors you can use. If you currently have a Peter Maxx with bright aqua and fuchsia splashes, swap it with a deeper color still life print that reflects the rug’s rich background. Change white lampshades to cream, bronze or pewter translucent shades. Place rich colored mats or napkins under tabletop arrangements. Stack a set of collector books on the coffee table and top it with a color coordinating small candle and holder. Change mantle treasures to pick up the rug design colors.

Adapt your furnishings

Paint and slipcovers can change the entire look of existing large furniture pieces. 

If you introduce the earth and sky colors of a hand woven tribal rug to a room filled with dark wood tables and occasional chairs, do not rule out stain or paint to update the wood. If your upholstery is neutral or dark, consider slipcovers, reupholstering or throws to fit your new color palette. A beige tweed sofa may become drab next to sky blue, clay orange or cactus greens found in a tribal rug. However, a salmon, pale aqua or mint green slipcover will complement the rug’s look. A matching set of end and coffee tables will take on more character with a good sanding covered by a sheer stain or paint wash to make the wood appear rustic. Remove heavy window coverings and replace with sheers or shutter blinds. By adapting your existing pieces to a brighter environment, your new rug will shine!

Shop your other rooms

A contemporary rug with straight lines, circles or free-form design may be a challenge when placed in a room filled with wood, damask, brass and cut crystal finishes. Contemporary design works with glass, light metals, iron, leather and cottons. 
Take a tour of your home to find pieces in other rooms that will create a contemporary setting. If you have DIY talent, then clever metal bases with glass tops are good materials for tables. Lamps and vases made of plain glass or metal emphasize the clean lines of contemporary style. Abstract or geometric artwork is perfect in modern design. This is where you can return the Peter Maxx to its rightful place in your room!

Do not forget your walls

A simple change of paint color for an entire room or accent wall is and easy and quick method of changing the decor to fit your prized rug possession.

The moral of this story is that you should have the treasure you love. So enlist your creative senses to modify your surroundings and create the aura that will make you happy!

By Allison Edrington.

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