3 Tips for Choosing the Right Fine Area Rug Color

When choosing a fine area rug, it’s very important to pick the right color and design for the room it will be placed in. In order to pick a fine area rug color that matches your room and its decoration, use the following tips:

·      Keep the color of the floor in mind. One of the most important factors in choosing a rug is the color of the floor it will be placed on. Rugs are a great way to add new color to a room, and choosing a rug that contrasts with the floor can do a lot to liven a space up. If you have dark wood flooring, a brightly colored rug will stand out nicely on top of it. Likewise, a darker or more richly colored rug will balance out more lightly colored flooring.

·      Pick a color based on foot traffic. The more people who will be walking on a fine area rug, the quicker it will start to show signs of wear. Fine area rugs with lighter colors will show stains and age faster than darker ones, so you may want to choose a darker rug for the rooms you use most often. Pets, kids, and food will also wear out a rug faster, so dining areas and rooms where children and pets spend a lot of time should also be darker.

·      Know what you want to stand out in the room. If you want your furniture, curtains, or painted walls to be the main focal point of a room’s design, then picking a neutral, solid colored fine area rug will compliment a room’s décor without drawing attention to itself. On the other hand, for rooms with plainer or more somber furniture and decoration, a bright, patterned rug can brighten up the space and be the focal point of the room’s color design.

Choosing the right fine area rug color requires knowing what affect you want it to have in a room. To make sure you choose the best color rug for your space and your needs, it is always best to consult with a specialist. Speak with one of our specialists today, and let them know what you want to achieve with the color of your fine area rug.

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