4 Rules For Choosing the Right Size Area Rug

One of the most important decisions that can be made when buying an area rug is making sure it is the right size. A properly sized rug can bring a room together, but an improperly sized one will make a space look awkward and unbalanced. Each room is different, but there are some general rules that can be applied to choosing the right size rug and placing it in a room:

·      Always leave space between the area rug and the wall. An area rug should never reach all the way to the wall. Instead, there should be at least 6 inches of space between the area rug and the wall, at minimum. If you want to use a single rug to cover the whole room, keep the floor measurements in mind and choose a rug size that will leave space between it and all the walls.

·      Furniture placement should be consistent. Depending on the size of the room and the area rug, you can place furniture such as couches, chairs, and tables either with all of their legs on the rug, only the front legs on, or with all legs off the rug. Whichever one you choose, be consistent and place all furniture on the rug in the same way. Having once piece be entirely on the rug while another is half on/half off makes the room look unbalanced.

·      Square rugs for square rooms. In general, you want the shape of the rug to match the shape of the room. Because most living rooms are rectangular, living room rugs should be rectangular. This is especially true if you’re using one rug to cover the whole room. It is possible to break up larger rooms with multiple rugs, in which case the rugs should be of the same shape and the furniture should be arranged around them to separate the room into “sections.”

·      Center round rugs under light fixtures. Round rugs are great for entranceways, parlors, and smaller rooms. If you have hanging lights or a chandelier in a room you want to decorate with a round rug, use the lights as a reference point for where to center the rug on the floor.

These general guidelines will help you find the perfect size rug for your room and place it just right.

For even more tips and advice on how to find the right rug for every room in your house, consult our buying guide or visit our store and speak with one of our rug experts.


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