5 Area Rug Cleaning Tips to Help You Survive The Holidays

The holiday season, that special time of year when everyone is busy trying to shop, and prepare for some much awaited family time, also brings nightmares of having to clean up your area rugs after a big festive event. Well fear not, if you’re dreading the spill of red wine on your prized area rugs, we are here to help!

5 tips to help you clean festivity-induced stains from your rugs:

1. Don’t rub
Do act immediately. The longer a spill has time to set, the more likely it is to leave a mark. Remember to quickly blot all spilled liquid from your carpets or rugs (should you have the fortune of catching it in time!), using paper towels (these are highly absorbent). In this way the wet liquid doesn’t seep deeper through the fibers.

2. Use a spray bottle
If the stain is caught too late and has already dried, spray a little water using a spray bottle and do not directly pour a lot of water. Make sure to use a clean spray bottle and not reuse a bottle that originally contained other liquids, unless you rinse them really well before using.

3. Do not use chemical cleaners 
To clean up the stain simply use water and avoid using any harsh detergents to remove the stains. Chemical cleaners are highly undesirable.

4. Hand wash- Do not use machines
Even if the stain is covering a large area, simply avoid using a machine to wash it out. This will involve the use of commercial detergents, or steam, and they wear out the dyes and strip the oils out of the wool. Don’t even think of washing a handmade area rug in a washing machine, even if it is a small rug. Simply spraying water and then blotting, and repeating a few times as necessary, is your best bet.  If it looks like it still needs help, contact an expert like Alyshaan Fine Rugs.

5.If all else fails, use hydrogen peroxide
If the above tips don’t remove the stain entirely then simply use three percent strength hydrogen peroxide only on the area of the stain. Leave it for one hour and see the result. This will help remove the stain without breaking down the color. Of course, if you don’t have the time or the stain is too difficult to remove at home then you can always have the rug professionally cleaned by us at Alyshaan Fine Rugs.

So now that you are armed with these cleaning tips, why not just try to relax a little more and let the holidays be just what they are meant to be — a warm, wonderful time with family, friends and loved ones!

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