10 Steps to Creating Your Own Custom Rug

A custom rug is made exclusively for you! Your personal touch will make the rug even more special for you and your family. Custom rugs are also the perfect choice for designers looking for excellent quality and craftsmanship in all items they use to enhance a client’s home.

Alyshaan offers an easy, hassle-free custom rug order and design process.


Once you request a work order and pay half price (of the total rug cost), you will be just ten steps away from your dream rug!

1. Select a rug size based on the space measured at home. In case you want a small size rug replicated in a bigger size, or if you want a design of your own created in a specific size – your rug wish is our command!

Lovell-original-rug   Lovell-completed


2. Choose the handmade rug quality you want. Alyshaan offers a variety of rug qualities from the best hand-knotted to the lesser expensive hand-tufted, hand-hooked etc.

handmade1     handmade2

3. Specify rug material to be used – choose from silk, wool or a combination. The choice of material used for rug construction will affect the final design rendered, in terms of color, texture and overall feel of the rug.

f13       f23

4. Next step in the process is the design selection of specification. You can either choose from a pre-existing design in the software or work with our in-house experts to create your design of choice.

f21      custom rug1

5. Now comes the stage where you select colors for the rug from the options in our system. Choose to keep fringes on the rug (short or long) or skip them altogether and finally, decide to have carving or pile height elements in the rug.

Color Plate of     Color Plate 3    Color Plate 2

6. Your design is then sent off to our weavers to create a strike-off’ of the custom rug as a sample for you to see the colors and design before the full rug is produced.

C Winterkorn

7. Once the strike-off is made, it is shipped to us and shared with you in case of any alteration requests. Once a final is approved (with changes or without), it is sent for complete production.

blog image2     Custom-rug-strikeoff-1

8. Progress photos of your rug are shared — so you are involved in every step of your masterpiece, from start to finish!

custom-rug-strikeoff-on-loom   blog image4

9. The completed rug is shipped from our looms abroad to the Alyshaan showroom in Arizona.

10. The anticipated masterpiece is ready to be delivered to your home! We call to arrange a day and time of your convenience.

Amaden-ruginhome      round-custom-rug-in-bathroom

The entire process takes 30 – 90 days depending on the size, design and style of your custom rug.

When selecting a custom rug from Alyshaan, you can be assured it will carry the same level of care and quality that is part of every Alyshaan fine area rug. Our custom rugs make the perfect statement in every setting, from luxurious homes to grand hotels.

Visit one of our two showrooms in Arizona or call us for a consultation at 480-607-4955.

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