5 Reasons to Choose a Custom Fine Area Rug

Alyshaan offers an inventory of over 4000 fine area rugs, one of the largest selections in Arizona, but for those that think they have seen them all, we also offer a special custom rug service.

Read on to discover 5 reasons why you should opt for a custom fine area rug from us!

1. Exclusivity – A custom fine area rug is made exclusively for you! No one else will own the same rug you order (unless of course you inspire an entire new rug trend, in which case everyone will want to choose what you have!)


2. Personal Touch – Your home will always have your personal design flair incorporated in every aspect of it. A custom rug allows you to invest the same level of personal care and interest in each aspect of a fine area rug to grace your rooms, as the rest of your home.

9x12 area rug


3. Unique Design – Alyshaan offers the freedom to order your custom rug in any size, shape or color. You can even choose from a variety of rug materials, ranging from wool to silk. The design can be as unique as you wish!

f9  f22 fabric f5

4. Prized Heirloom – A fine rug when well taken care of, can last generations. As a custom rug designed by you, it will increase its association for your loved ones even more, becoming a cherished family heirloom over the years.

Moffat-Bailes-ltside  Moffat-Bailes-homephoto

5. Enhances Creativity – The custom fine area rug design process allows you to become the artist of your very own work of art! Using Alyshaan’s special rug design software might just help unleash your inherent creativity.

  DSC_0216 f28 DSC_0171

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