6 Reasons to Use a Rug Pad with Your Area Rugs

Handmade fine area rugs are a beautiful addition to any space, but wear and tear over time can affect the beauty of the rug. Just how much that wear will be or to what extent your rug is affected however, is something entirely within your hands.

At Alyshaan, we are committed to not only helping you select the best fine area rug for your needs, but also providing you the right guidance and tips on caring for the rugs even after you have long left our showroom.

Today we will be sharing the importance of using a rug pad with your fine area rug –yes they are an excellent purchase and one we highly recommend!


So to let you know why exactly you should be using a rug pad with your area rugs, we list 7 reasons below:

1. Comfort – A rug pad will add an extra thing layer of softness and cushion to your area rug, ensuring you don’t feel the hardness of the floor underneath.

2. Stronger Grip — Use of a rug pad means a better grip for your rugs especially against polished or highly waxed flooring. This means increased safety with lesser chances of slipping or accidents through rugs moving. Even with large rugs, a corner may still be prone to slipping easily.

3. Floor Protection – The floor underneath gets a layer of protection too against possible dye transfer, discoloration or slips from spilt liquids seeping through rugs.

4. Longer Rug Life – Rug pads gently protect the rug fibers and also ensure the rugs are easier to clean on the surface, since they allow for more air to circulate thereby preventing the occurrence of mold and odors.

5. Better Condition – Rug pads are especially useful in preventing large area rugs from lifting or wrinkling at the corners. This ensures they lay flat and remain in a better condition.

6. Security – A rug pad is like security for your investment (in a fine area rug). Handmade area rugs that you lovingly invest in will benefit from the use of a rug pad underneath. So when you have gone ahead to make that purchase, why stop short of a more inexpensive but important addition to safeguard your new buy?

To learn more on how to care for your fine area rugs, check out blog posts on area rug cleaning and storage tips on https://alyshaan.com/area-rugs-blog/

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