How Area Rugs Enhance a Home

When it comes to the home, almost everyone wants to have what they consider to be gorgeous decor – whether through a modern, contemporary look, traditional opulent, or a chic youthful vibe. Depending on the select style and taste, each will focus on that for their home décor.

So how do area rugs enhance the home in such a case? Simple, they allow you to add any vibe you want to a room, no matter what the size – even in those tricky areas where nothing else works. The best part is, unlike room furnishings, wallpapers or a paint job, area rugs can be switched or removed quickly for storage anytime — depending on your mood, the season or fashion.

Below we share some of the ways in which area rugs bring life to any home:

1. The Foyer/Entrance: Area rugs offer a much needed elegance and welcoming touch to the entrance of a home. The colors, size and shape are all based on your needs and wants. Even tricky spaces can be managed with a round area rug!



2. Hallway: The long narrow stretch or wide, large sized hall ways are perfect for adding a striking area rug in your choice of size and shape. In winter months the hallways can benefit from the warmth of a runner or area rug on a carpeted floor, while in summer just an area rug is a far better option than full carpeting to give that light and airy feel.

foyer2 hallway

3. Kitchen: Adding an area rug to the kitchen instantly adds life and a unique look, making it stand out from those in other homes. It also creates a great “cushiony” feeling under your feet in an area where you tend to stand for a long time.

kitchen rugkitchen rug3

4. Bathroom: An area rug adds both function and personality to any bathroom. The versatility of area rugs with different color and size options ensures any style of bathroom can benefit from the addition. The use of color and bath accessories can be coordinated and enhanced even more with the use of the area rug. It is also a great feeling to step on a area rug rather than stone or wood floors in the bathroom where you are most likely to walk with your bare feet.


 5. Bedroom: Color, design and the comfort of an area rug all contribute  to enhancing one’s personal space. Upholstery and furniture can all be  balanced with the use of a fine area rug, whether in a contemporary,  transitional or traditional style. The bedroom also is the perfect room to  go rogue with your décor.  If your primary rugs in the living and dining  areas are traditional, or tribal, or primarily in the jewel tones, it will be  great to go contemporary, or pastels in the bedroom.

Beautiful Living room

6. Family Room/Great Room/Living Room: Area rugs bring balance and add beauty to any room, but nowhere is this more obvious than the family, living and great room. A beautiful handmade rug can instantly bring a room alive, adding opulence and making a statement!

blog post picblogpic4

7. Dining Area – Area rugs even help complete an entire dining space just with this one addition! Especially when you are dragging chairs back and forth around a dining table usually on a hard surface like stone or wood, the area rug makes a soft and beautiful surface to move chairs back and forth on.

diningblog pic

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