5 Mistakes to Avoid When Decorating a Great Room Using Luxury Fine Rugs

Decorating one’s home is a labor of love, whether you choose to do it yourself, or utilize the services of an interior designer.  The accessories used when decorating are always key elements in bringing together the entire look envisioned. These range from upholstery, statements piece, accent items, and area rugs.

grand look room

In the case of adding luxury area rugs to the home, care must be taken in selecting based on the specific room that needs to be decorated. In the case of a large room such as the formal family or a great room used for entertaining purposes, there are 5 mistakes that should be avoided.

#1. Don’t stick to one large rug only – A large room offers a great deal of possibility when adding luxury fine rugs. Often times people will let themselves be restricted by the idea that a great room can only have a large size rug. Instead of being constrained by this concept, allow yourself the freedom to combine form and function – create two areas within a large room such as a separate sitting and dining area or even two sitting spaces. Then simply place two luxury fine rugs of your choice!

#2. Don’t opt for a central medallion design — In case you simply prefer to have one large rug in the room, choose one with an all-over design as opposed to the more common center motif large rugs. This will allow you more flexibility with furniture placement and overall room arrangement since the large rug must not just be based on the room size but also the overall setting and furniture.

#3. Don’t focus on one direction only – The rug placement and direction does not have to be the same. Even within the same great room, you can easily place two rugs in different directions.  Each setting can be treated independently of the other with regards to rug direction, because other elements within the room will bring balance as well.

#4. Don’t use identical rugs – The entire beauty of a fine area rug is in its unique design, color and style. Even while decorating the same room, each setting can have a different fine rug. There is no rule book that states you must make use of identical rugs. Rather, the rugs should be complimentary, whether by use of similar colors, style or weave. Rugs allow an artistic essence to be added to a room and are never constricting – always remember that when decorating with luxury area rugs!

#5. Don’t use the same size only – Again, just like you wouldn’t use two identical paintings in the same room, so too you don’t need to use the same size rugs in a great room.  Keeping the rugs in the same size should not be the concern. Rather, the focus should be on choosing the right or optimum size rug for each area within the great room (even if this means the sizes will be different!).

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