8 Essentials for Every Bedroom

 When you want to escape the world you might find yourself wanting to go on holiday, thinking to watch a movie, read a good book, go for a long drive, visit a spa, or go for a retreat. However, one place you will often not think of but is in fact the most important of all) is your very own personal sanctuary – your bedroom!

Beautiful Living room

Read on to learn the 8 essentials every bedroom needs — whether you want to convert your private space into a relaxing haven, have a family, kids, or live alone – these items are a must have!

  1. Comfortable Seating Space

The bedroom isn’t just about the bed – it’s about the seating space you have available to you as well. You want to sit and read a book? Have a soft lounge chair! Some kind of seating space to sit and have conversations with your partner or even to sit while putting on your shoes is always advised. The point is to keep the bed for rest and the rest of the space to harmoniously blend with the rest of your needs.

  1. A luxurious Fine Rug

Remember those classic movies of yonder years – the ones which epitomized luxury and decadence? Who says you can’t bring a bit of old world glamour and charm to your bedroom! Try a luxuriously rich hand-knotted fine rug – it not only adds a bit of oomph, but serves practical purposes too, like the first thing you step on when you wake up (instead of the cold floor)!

  1. Mood lighting

Lighting is crucial when it comes to home décor in our view, but even more so in the bedroom. Mood lighting is best for catering to your every mood and need. Task lighting, wardrobe lighting all serve a function, so make effective use of this because it’s essential for the bedroom!

  1. Soft Furnishings

Trends and design can all be followed in the décor of your home, but one of the dominant factors for furnishings in the bedroom should be comfort. Your bed for instance should have enough pillows to look inviting, yet not over whelming full either! Furnishings such as window dressings and curtains are always nicer in soft fabrics.

  1. De-clutter

One of the best ways to de-stress is to ensure a clutter free zone is available to you. Whether this means keeping the tech out of the bedroom or limiting kids toys till the nursery, it’s up to you what you feel needs to be out of this space, just focus on keeping the ‘chi’ energy flowing freely through the art of space clearing!

  1. The Bed of Your Needs

The most important part of the bedroom – how can we forget – the bed! Choose your bed based on comfort, style, space logistics or budget; basically your specific needs. Often one of the best ways to select a bed is by keeping in mind the theme you want in your special space. Whether you choose to have the bed as the focal point of design and all other items supporting it and around it, or you want to start with a specific décor theme is up to you.

  1. Color Scheme

Choosing the right color does a long way in creating the relaxing haven you so desire. While you might want to stick to the same color family as the rest of the home décor, focus on colors that help you relax. Color doesn’t just have to be on the walls, it can be added in any way – from furnishings, fabric, accent pieces to accessories.

  1. Items You Love

Finally the most essential of all – items that you love and make you happy just by looking at them. This is one of the best ways to include those memories and cherished mementos collected from your travels, over the years, or passed down in the family as heirlooms. Often times we have such pieces that just can’t fit anywhere else and the bedroom is a great place for them, especially if they bring a smile to your face whenever you see them! Just remember to keep in balance the clutter free zone and not go overboard.

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