Oversize Area Rugs

Large, palace size or oversize area rugs are some of the most stunningly beautiful of art pieces available worldwide.

oriental rugs

In earlier times, ornate fine rugs especially oriental rugs were an indulgence of the royalty, nobles, vastly wealthy or affluent. They were displayed proudly in the homes more as wall hangings or precious displays. Given the amount of intricate skill and design, the hours of labor spent on these fine pieces, it is no surprise that they were regarded as prized possessions.


While they were woven for use as floor rugs, it was in fact not until the middle of the 18th century, that much of the culture of rugs as floor décor came forth. The sizes of rugs started out as palace size rugs for the grand homes of nobles and royals, but over time we have seen a variation in these too.

Popularity of large size rugs still remains but they are far harder to find. ‘Oversize rugs’ is the term used for such large size rugs, with ‘palace size’ also being used to describe these rugs of unusual size and dimensions.

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