Oversized Area Rugs Reasons for Rarity

Palace or oversized area rugs are unusually large size magnificent pieces of art.

persian sarouk

These rugs add a regal touch to any home today and one of the biggest reasons why they are so rare is that the width of the rug determines exactly how large a loom is needed. While skilled weavers may keep on weaving as long a rug as they like, but the loom must be wide enough to accommodate the width of the rug.

Nomadic type rugs were long yet narrow for this very reason. Also, most weaves work in regular to small size rooms where large looms are hard to construct. The larger loom also means the higher the cost to make it. Financial commitment, time required and logistical reasons all play a prohibitive role for most weavers to not make oversize rugs, thereby making them rarer to find.

Further, if a mistake is made or for any reason the rug is not sold fast enough, then it is devastating for the weavers who invest in them.  It is however possible to custom order such rugs.

Oversize Rugs at Alyshaan Fine Rugs


Alyshaan Fine Rugs, not only has the largest stock of handmade rugs in Arizona, but also the absolute largest inventory of these sizes in stock in our Scottsdale showroom. In this size category the standard sizes are 10×14, 12×15, 12×18, and then they vary between 13×19 to 15×35 sizes.

Call or visit us today if palace size rugs are just what you want for your home!

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