5 Uses of Oversize Rugs

Oversize or palace size rugs though rare, have much utility in homes. Read on to learn 5 uses of oversize rugs and how they are especially ideal for:

  1. Adorning great rooms, which are the perfect rooms for such large size rugs.


  1. Dining rooms with large tables, because small rugs are often dwarfed by large tables, and chair should always remain on the rug when pulled out.

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  1. Large bedrooms featuring extra-large or king size beds, where you should step off on to a rug (even better if the rug should show all around the bed) otherwise at least close to the foot of the bed and covering the front of the entire floor facing the bed.

Beautiful Living room

  1. Large homes, where spacious rooms look best with such palace size rugs (small rugs would simply not do)


5. High ceiling rooms look best with large size rugs (not just linear footage but overall volume of the room matters too)

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Oversize rugs serve thus not only as stunning and beautiful art pieces to grace the home, but also provide much function and utility. They are often available more in traditional designs than the contemporary or modern style designs.

At Alyshaan, we offer a huge selection of large size fine rugs. Not only because we have the largest showroom in Arizona and can physically accommodate such large rugs but also because of our financial commitment to having a substantial inventory in these sizes.

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