7 Interior Design Trends in 2016

The home is a special space, one that more often than not, reflects the evolution of its occupants. Why do we say this? Simple, as people we all constantly evolve, our tastes, likes, dislikes, all register small changes over time, until we realize we have essentially shifted in some of our preferences. This very change in tastes or moods will often make its way into the interior décor of one’s living space.

area rug in home

So while some of our design preferences come from what we like, it’s always smart to opt for combination of this with the prevailing trends in home décor. If you agree with us, read on to learn some of the interior design style trends for 2016.

Metallic colors – This year metallic colors are still very much in vogue. Gold, silver and muted metallic make for a great addition to the home, whether as accent pieces on your coffee table, select furnishings, throws, pillows or even as color to an accent wall. So try opting for gold, metallic, cooper or brass tones in your home from today!

Indoor plants – Nature will forever be in style! So there you have it folks, if you thought you needed an excuse to continue keeping your lovely indoor plants where you like them — now you do! This trend continues strong from 2015 into 2016. Not only do house plants add freshness and beauty to the home, you can use them to create the vibe you like; whether for a calm, peaceful Zen like space or as an exotic garden that reminds you of wistful holiday evenings spent in open courtyards in Italy!

Defined shapes – Another trend we see very much continuing from fall last year is the use of geometric shapes and design in interior décor. So go big with a geometric design fine area rug, or more subdued with the occasional geometric print accent piece, it’s yours for the choosing!

Modern Décor – In keeping with the geometric trend is the modern décor which is also having a moment – but not to fret for those with more dramatic tastes and a love of the unexpected – this year’s trend is geared more towards a modern moody décor. So while pastels may have dominated earlier, there is a shift also towards darker walls and deeper, richer hues (think deep greens, blues, black, rusts and purples). That means it’s not just your typical contemporary interiors, but a touch of glamour, drama and the unique! 

Floor Focus – The floor is no longer over looked as a décor canvas! It’s very much center-stage; whether through the use of beautiful marble, Italian stone, mosaic patterns or beautifully designed hand-knotted rugs. It’s all about texture and color!

Texture Wins – Texture is the name of the interior décor game this year; it’s a staple! Textured hangings, wall art, textile art, event textured walls, so much to choose from!

Lighting – A home’s beauty simply cannot be complete without good lighting! Yes, natural light is always fabulous, but this year the trend is for more dramatic use of light, especially now that we don’t need to be restricted in terms of technology. Just make sure the best use of different light fixtures and functions depending on your needs and you’re all set!  

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