4 Tips to Keep in Mind When Buying a Handmade Fine Area Rug

A handmade fine area rug is a work of art, expertly weaved and having a beauty of its own. So when investing in such a beautiful piece of art, there are certain things to keep mind whether you are a designer catering to a client’s home or your own needs.

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  1. Rug Supplier/Rug Store: One of the most crucial aspects to bear in mind when seeking to acquire a fine rug is knowing the best source. Just like purchasing a diamond – you want to go where you can be assured of what you are getting. In the same way, a fine rug store is a connoisseur of luxury rugs and you will always find them a trusted source.
  1. Rug Quality – The best quality fine rugs are hand-knotted and made of wool or silk or a combination of wool and cotton. Equally important is the weave and texture of the rug which indicates its durability and smoothness. So see the actual rug in the showroom even if you originally saw it online. Touch it, feel the material and then make your choice.
  1. Intended Rug Location – Bear in mind that the rug material you select must be based on the actual location you intend for the rug. Fine rugs made of silk for example, are absolutely beautiful and luxurious but won’t be ideal for high traffic rooms like a family room. They would be better preserved as a wall hanging. A wool or wool and cotton rug would do well in high traffic areas in the home or office.
  1. Rug Requirements – In order to be able to find the type and style of rug you have in mind, it’s always helpful to have some idea of the key identifying terms that can be used to help describe what exactly you want. For example, if you plan to have furniture placed on the fringe of the area rug, then opt for one with a beautiful center motif (known as a central medallion).

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