8 Ways to Create Cozy Interiors

Your home is a reflection of you – your lifestyle, taste, design style and desire for comfort. It doesn’t matter whether you have a palatial home or a quaint cottage style residence, as long as you focus on having a welcoming interior.


One area of the home where comfort and cozy are nearly synonymous is the casual living room or family room. As one of the most used of rooms in most homes, it is good to create the right balance between style and relaxation. To help you do just that, we share below some of our favorite ways to create warm, welcoming interiors.

  1. Furniture placement: To make especially large size rooms feel cozier, try creating seating groups for facilitating conversations and discussions in a more intimate setting.
  1. Book shelves lined with books – Nothing inspires comfort more than a few books added to the décor of a room. It’s a great way to give the room a relaxing vibe, inviting people to do the same.
  1. Area Rugs – One of the best ways to add a cozy touch to your interior, area rugs come in all shapes, sizes, materials and textures. Hand Knotted fine area rugs allow even the most palatial homes and great rooms to look majestic yet inviting. Any size home and room will always be enhanced by these, especially by allowing grouping spots to be created and allow for a more pulled together look. Area rugs are great whether used on bare floors to enhance the beautiful flooring, or even when layered over carpets.
  1. Lighting – Ever noticed how lighting when bright or dim can transform the same room? Well this is just what we recommend – use lighting to your advantage to create the kind of aura you want in your living space.
  1. Photos – A gallery wall or photo space will always add a touch of warmth. Try grouping together multiple display options of different sizes and adding to a specific wall in the room, or even placing here and there a few personal framed ones.
  1. Soft accessories and throw blankets – Another must for a cozy touch is that furry throw blanket that just invites you to put your feet up on a foot stool or just curl up on a sofa to relax with it. Similarly other soft accessories like accent pillows, foot stool, or tufted ottoman would make great additions for that stylishly comfortable touch.
  1. Mementos – Keep sakes and mementos are cherished memories that when included in the décor of a room, always add that personal touch. It tells any visitor this is a special space they are entering; one where you open up and share your memories with them.
  1. Furnishings – This is another important aspect to consider when decorating any room. Depending on the fabric, design, print, color and texture, you can create the look you desire. We suggest striking a balance between comfort, function and style as per your needs. Using soft pastels or bold prints, each will have a certain vibe. Also, not to forget are curtains — best to add these instead of blinds or other cool vibe giving window dressings.

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