4 Things to Know about Fine Area Rugs

At Alyshaan Fine Rugs we always strive to provide the highest quality in fine area rugs to all our clients.

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Taking the utmost care and pride in every aspect of an Alyshaan Fine Rug from the initial rug design all the way to completion; each step is meticulously assessed and monitored.  So what are some of the things about fine area rugs you should know? Read on to know four quick but important aspects about these quintessential home décor items.

  1. Knots determine quality – Yes knots do matter; this is what determines the quality of the rug itself and hence the variations in price. The more the knots, the better the quality. Hand knotted rugs are at the highest end of the fine rug spectrum, taking months to prepare just one beautiful fine rug. The skill of the artisan is rewarded when the true worth of their work is recognized and appreciated – something that is hard to miss, given the beauty of these art pieces!
  1. Material used affects Use – The material or fiber make a difference to the quality as well no doubt, but they also have a major part in determining the actual use or placement of the rug itself. Silk fine rugs are delicate and exquisite, so the quality is high but they are best used as wall hangings, or placed in less traffic areas. Similarly, wool or wool and cotton rugs may also be of high quality but due to the more sturdy fibers, will allow for use in more traffic rooms.
  1. All handmade rugs are not made equal – While you might think a labor intensive rug is equal to any other handmade rug, this doesn’t hold true in every case. Handmade rugs are also of different types, with variations in price reflecting the differences in quality and type. Tufted, hand loomed and hand knotted rugs for example, are all made using different techniques. Out of these, hand knotted rugs are the most labor intensive.
  1. Special order rugs – Rugs vary in design, style, texture and color, but that doesn’t mean it’s restricted only to the ones you see on display in a showroom. Just like you would commission an artist for a painting, so too can special order or custom rugs be ordered just for your own needs! Alyshaan Fine Rugs has one of the most sophisticated custom rugs software and facility to create a rug just for your unique tastes and requirements. Whether you want to design the rug completely on your own, specify a design, or use our services for creating a design based on your preferences, we do it all. We keep you updated with the progress of your rug each step of the way!

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