5 Tips for Decorating using Minimalist Style

If your mantra is ‘less is more’, then you probably are a fan of the minimalist style of design. Here we share our 5 tips for creating the right balance and design for a clean, fuss-free minimalist look.


  1. Key Design Pieces – This is crucial when it comes to a minimalist design. You want to make sure your living space has select pieces that stand out, are high quality and unique. Since you don’t want to cram too much into a single area, your focus should be on quality and items that are beautifully crafted along clean, sleek lines.
  1. Balance and Proportion – A minimalist design must follow slightly stricter design rules than a more bohemian set up. This means balance and proportion in the room, the relative size of furniture, the furnishings and overall space are key. Keep in mind the furniture pieces must be of a similar proportion or size, neither one eclipsing the other, but rather blending together in a harmonious manner. The room should appear minimal in design yet but balanced.
  1. Color Palette – The classic minimalist design will always be more color neutral than other décor styles, but this doesn’t mean color is off-limits. Monochrome minimalist designs look spectacular, as do earth tones and neutral pastels. Just remember that the focus shouldn’t be screaming color tones, but the overall blend and harmony in every aspect of the room. Fine area rugs in minimalist color palettes can work great in this way.
  1. Art – The wonderful thing about minimalist design is that even art can be used to add to or subtract, depending on the final look you are trying to achieve. Art is certainly a great way to enhance the minimalist design especially with clean cut monochrome work on a simple canvas. A fine silk rug in a minimalist design for instance, would be an excellent use of art, whether on the wall as a display or as floor art. It can help balance the furniture and remove the need for an additional element that may have been needed otherwise.

5.Use of lighting – The use of natural lighting is always wonderful for any home, and even more so with a minimalist design. Think minimalist zen, clay pottery, potted bamboo shoots, running water and natural light flowing freely to allow ‘chi’ energy to flow. Even modern minimalist designs look best with bright day light entering through large windows. However, if you want a more formal minimalist look, then just one fabulous light fixture can set the right tone for the entire space.

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