Make your Bathroom Luxurious in 5 Simple Steps

We often remain focused on our living room, bedroom, kitchen and other areas when it comes to home décor, but what about the bathroom? If you feel yours has been neglected for some time now, and want to revamp it but without a major over haul, then read on for our 5 steps to making this space more luxurious!


  1. Add Fabulous Wallpaper – One of the simplest and easiest ways to transform the bath room is through the use of gorgeous design wallpaper. A fancy design will add a more luxurious feel immediately, but if you prefer something more subtle then a more simple design with a smaller motif can be used just as well. This step is great for the stark white bathrooms, then get an immediate lift and the contrast through the wallpaper can be used to take you one step closer to a more glamorous bath.
  1. Include Antique Pieces – A great way to further enhance the bath is to use antique accent pieces! There’s nothing like a gorgeous gilded mirror, sparkling light chandelier, or even an antique foot stool. It’s all about luxury and comfort in a symbiotic relationship!
  1. Use Statement Items – To create a more luxurious foundation for your bathroom design, one of the quickest and best ways is through the inclusion of statement pieces. One we particularly love is a beautifully crafted fine area rug. The perfect statement piece to complement and enhance the bath, providing both utility and comfort.
  1. Enhance the Vanity – The sink vanity is a great way to enhance the luxury factor in a bathroom. The bath is more than just the shower or bath tub space! If you already have silver fixtures, then that’s great, otherwise try silver and mirrored touches through the addition of items missing on the sink vanity space. You could even add in a fancy ottoman or side chair for the sink vanity chair!
  1. Try Art – Who says the bath room can’t have art – it certainly can and should if you want to make it part of your glamorous home! A vintage photo or print would add dimension, even photographs complementing the theme could be arranged in pieces of two or three (grouped together), as long as the size is reasonable for the bathroom dimensions. The art of course should be away from the main shower or bathing area, and better kept where the walls don’t run the risk of getting wet.

These simple steps should help transform your bathroom into a space as soothing and stylish as this personal sanctuary should be, so do give them a try and we are sure you will love the change!

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