5 Ideas to Add Impact in Your Living Room

One of the most frequented rooms in the home is often the living room, family room or den.  While you might have just the right furniture picked out for adorning this cherished space, we know how important it is for the room to have the perfect impact — and we have some ideas on how to do just that!


  1. Have a Good Focal Point: One of the best ways to create impact is by having a focal point when it comes to décor. Whether you choose to play up a wall behind the main seating area, add textiles to the floor (like a statement area rug), or use floor length mirrors on one side, the point is to have a strong, inspiring focal point. Anytime someone walks in to your living room, the focal point will be sure to catch their eye.
  1. Use Wallpaper: Wallpapers are an excellent addition to any living space, adding depth and beauty. They also don’t require the same level of commitment as a permanent paint job. Given the vast array of choices, colors and prints in wallpaper design, you can use this to your advantage and create a fabulously luxurious­­ impact with ease.
  1. Harness the Power of Art/Artwork: One just cannot go wrong with stunning art pieces when it comes to upping the impact quotient. Whether you want to add glamour, create a feeling of opulence, give a rustic feel, or have a classic décor for your living space – art pieces are an excellent addition. If you have enough space, then large framed artwork will do, while smaller spaces can benefit more from a collection of smaller items (think gallery wall with multiple pieces in an uncluttered layout). You can even try grouping together artwork based on themes and displaying them accordingly in the room.
  1. Elegant Lighting and Sculptural Accents: Lighting plays a very key role in creating impact in the home. Living rooms too can be played up or down, depending on the type of lighting fixtures used. An elegant living room aiming to have a classic, almost opulent feel to it, might have a glass chandelier while a contemporary living space could make use of modern lighting. Sculptural accents too can similarly add a great deal of impact, and can always be a substitute for other artwork.
  1. Furnishings and Textiles: A unique way to add impact is by hanging a gorgeous textile, tapestry or other such piece as wall art. Silk fine rugs make for a beautiful addition to walls too and are a surefire way to get the conversation going! The use of furnishings in elaborate designs can also add a glamorous impact, as can furnishings in rich fabrics. If you prefer a more relaxed and casual look to the living room, try opting for smaller prints for furnishings, with select accent pieces to create impact.

So next time you feel like adding some impact to your living space, try out some of our tips and tricks to feel a difference!

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