4 Ideas for Decorating with Area Rugs

Works of art such as area rugs are excellent additions to any home – they allow color, texture, art, and beauty wherever they are placed.  Here we share 4 ideas for decorating with area rugs in a more creative way.


  1. Wall Hangings – Who says art is only about paint on a canvas? Beautifully worked tapestries and finely woven hand-knotted area rugs make for stunning art pieces.
  1. Kitchen Adornment – Your kitchen space doesn’t have to be boring! Add a splash of color and comfort with a small wool rug or runner to add some much needed life to the kitchen; they are really sturdy for such use, and also create a great cushion for your feet in an area that you spend so much time standing on.
  1. Bathroom Accessory – Why have a conventional bath mat adorning this space when you can add a touch of flair and comfort. Small size rugs make excellent additions to the bathroom, they do great handling moisture and feel fantastic under bare feet.
  1. On the Settee or Daybed – Try using a flat weave wool rug or a bamboo silk fine rug on a settee or day bed. It’s a great way to drape upholstery without redoing the fabric or using slip covers.          So go ahead and give these décor ideas a try in your home!

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