Selection Is Next to Perfection

Selection is very important in the design world. Individuals with an eye for beauty have this indistinguishable, six sense; when they see a pattern or a color or a texture they know immediately if it is not right, might work or is the one! Some of our designers, who work closely with us, tell us that they often design an entire room around a rug. Starting out an interior design project with a rug does make sense. A rug gives you the color palette and some of the textures and you can then spring off of this strong central piece and concisely formulate a fluent theme around your room.

Alyshaan understands the importance of finding that perfect fit and the imperative of selection in the design world. That is why Alyshaan has acquired the biggest rug inventory in Arizona. We have over 2000 magnificent handmade rugs in stock in our Scottsdale Design Center…and…we just excitedly received over a million dollars worth of brand new beautiful product. Alyshaan’s new shipment of handmade rugs came primarily from India, Pakistan and a few from Nepal and our favorite picks are currently being displayed on the walls of our showroom.

This big shipment included both contemporary and transitional designs, again working into our desire to have a rug that will work in every room, and for all tastes and styles. All the rugs are live on the floor and are ready for purchase. We have received a lot of interest and a few magnificent pieces have already been sold.

Some of the rugs that we have received are Ikat designs. Ikat is a very popular textile that has been a hot ticket item in all aspects of design and fashion. The term Ikat comes from the Indonesian language and refers to a particular type of dyeing technique, similar to the tie-dye concept. One of the ways that is style is achieved is through a resist dyeing process. Bindings, which resist dyes, are applied to particular threads in the desired patterns and the threads are dyed. The bindings are altered and more than one color of dye is applied to produce elaborate designs and jeweled colors. When all of the dyeing is finished the bindings are removed the brightly colored threads are woven into masterpieces like the ones that are currently sitting in our showroom waiting to grace the floor of a lucky individual.

Alyshaan is full to the brim with selection, variety and beauty. We have brought this finery from across the world for our clients and we can’t wait to share it with all of our valued designers and customers. If you have never been to our showroom before, now would be a perfect time to join us. Perhaps after you look through our selection, you will discover the one, that perfect piece that your room has been missing.

By Stephanie Drescher

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