Piece of Mind

Few things in life will last generations. Cars come and go, homes are bought and sold, furniture grows worn and is replaced. In this fast paced world of out with the old and in with the new, heirlooms and passing down pieces from the past is becoming less and less common place, traded instead with keeping up with the Jones’s. Alyshaan believes that beauty should last a lifetime and we are proud to be able to have artistic textiles that are worthy of being passed down through generations.

The common industry policy for rug guarantees is anywhere from 3 days to 3 months. Alyshaan guarantees your investment, on non-abused rugs, for your lifetime. A client or a designer who is looking to invest in a handmade rug might wonder why there is such a discrepancy in our guarantee versus industry policy guarantees; Alyshaan offers such a powerful and dramatically longer guarantee because we truly believe in the product that we sell.

The non-abuse policy that Alyshaan does stipulate is very reasonable and understandable. It does not include normal wear and tear and the occasional and understandable accident. We love our rugs and we want them to last forever and so we strive to educate all of our buyers on the way to properly take care of the new rug. Tips such as rotating furniture and proper cleaning techniques are available so that you will leave our store with all of the knowledge that you need.

Another reason for the discrepancy is that many rugs are chemically washed to make their colors brighter and the designs more vivid and vibrant. The trick is that these chemically-washed colors disappear and/or are damaged after the very first cleaning of the rug. There are many rugs that look like new, or perhaps are new, but what is wrong with them will not be quickly evident until after their first cleaning has taken place. After which you are left with a dull rug and a feeling of regret and disappointment.

Our rugs are never chemically treated to improve their appearance. We explore and leaf through the rugs in India, Pakistan and Nepa in order to bring home only the best with the most reliable and natural beauty. Alyshaan offers not only a beautiful and lovely product to all of our customers and designers who enter our showroom, we also hand them peace of mind with every piece of art that they purchase.

By Stephanie Drescher

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